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Baqai Institute of information technology has specially emphasis on research. Institute encourage faculty to involve in active research, a list of faculty publication is given for reference.

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• Up gradation of Dot Plot. 2013

• Fungal heat shock protein database. 2013

• Port analysis for protein characterization. 2014

• Computational structural and functional analysis of hypothetical protein of Macrophomina phaseolina 2014

• SEQcutter for mapping restriction sites. 2014

• Gen2Pro from gene to drug target identification. 2014

• Insilico identification and characterization of microRNA in Tursiops truncates. 2015

• Genome wide and in silico analysis of C. botulinum to predict epitope. 2015

• In silico approach in designing vaccine against thermostable bacteria “Bartonella henselea 2016

• In silico characterization of ovarian cancer genes. 2016

• Identification of dysregulated genes in myositis mRNA data using computational methods. 2017

• Epitope prediction based vaccine against rubella virus (RUBV) structural polyprotein, In Silico. 2017

• In silico analysis of Non-Synonymous SNP on TLR3 gene in Human. 2017