Complex Biological Data collection, storing, analysis, interpretation, and presentation is an important aspect of Biological research. Scientists in the field of Bioinformatics and Computational biology make critical contributions to disease detection, drug design, forensics, agriculture, and environmental sciences through the combination of biological analysis and high-performance computing.
This certificate provides a solid foundation in computational skills relevant to bioinformatics and computational biology, which life science professionals and researchers deemed necessary for their research and professional growth.

  • Understanding the latest bioinformatics tools and topics, such as Protein sequence Analysis on primary level, Secondary structure Prediction, Protein 3D structure modeling, Blast output, Evolutionary studies based on phylogenetic Algorithms, protein-protein interaction, protein ligand Docking, Protein Simulation and Protein database.
  • Also understand the concept of functional genomics, ORF prediction and microarray data analysis.
  • The concept of Immunoinformatics by knowing the development of relevant vaccines by revealing virulence genes and surface associated proteins.
  • Acquire knowledge in a focused topic area, such as bioinformatics’ algorithms, genomics, medical informatics and proteomics.
After the completion of this course
  • Participants will be able to deal with web based genomic databases.
  • Participants will be able to understand basic concepts in the field of computational biology.
  • They will be able to analyze biological data and interpreted it in proper scientific way.
  • This diploma will reinforce and strengthen their previous credentials
  • They will be able to propose ideas and research projects for their higher studies. Apply this knowledge to initiatives include areas such as human genome analysis, disease research, and drug discovery and development.
  • Through this professional graduate certificate, you will work with peers in the fields of medical science and research, genetics, molecular and cellular biology, molecular medicine, bioscience, biotechnology
  • Ideal candidates for this certificate can be students, faculty members and researchers from academia and Industry related to life sciences programs like Biotechnology / Botany / Zoology / Microbiology / Chemistry/ Biochemistry / Genetics/ Pharmacy/ physiology / M.B.B.S / B.D.S. are encouraged to enroll in the course.
  • Both Physical and online classes are available for 16 weeks Certificate course
  • Physical classes are staring from 29 Jan 2022
    Every Saturday 3 Hours (Theory+Lab)
    10:00 AM to 01 PM
  • Online classes are starting from o4 Feb 2022
    Every Friday 2 Hours (Theory+Lab)
    03 PM to 05 PM
  • For Question/Answer mentoring will be provided
    On Monday and Tuesday between 3-5 PM On Whatsapp/Email or Call

Program fee is Rs. 20,000 (Twenty thousand) only Candidates can pay in Cass or Payorder (in favor of Baqai Institute of Information Technology)

All classes will be conducted at Baqai Institute of Information Technology (City Campus), III-B-3/17, Nazimabad Karachi, Behind Baqai Hospital Nazimabad

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Last date of registration is 28th January 2022

This certificate course is equivalent to 3 credit hours comprising of following modules.
  • Basic Computational Biology
  • Advance Computational Biology
  • Basic in Bio-computing
  • QASR, Docking, Simulation and dynamics
  • Basic Computational Biology
    • Introduction to Computational Biology & Application
    • Biological Databases and Data Retrieval
    • DNA, Protein and Genome databases
    • Sequence Alignment Concept
    • Pair wise Sequence Alignment
    • Dotplot
    • Dynamic Programming
    • Multiple Sequence Alignment
    • Clustal W & Omega
    • Local & Global alignment
    • Phylogenetic Analysis
    • Phylip
    • TreeView
    • Graphical Visualization tools
    • Discover Studio Tool
  • Advance Computational Biology
    • Introduction to protein and concepts
    • Principles of protein structure prediction
    • Techniques for protein tertiary structure prediction
    • Homology modeling
    • Fold recognition& Ab-intio protein structure prediction
    • Protein 3D-structure evaluation
    • Ramachandran plot
    • ProSa Plot
    • Ligplot tool for Protein-protein and protein-ligand interaction
    • RMSD calculations
    • STRING database and cytoscape tool protein network analysis
    • Immunoinformatics
    • Introduction to Immunoinformatics
    • Epitope prediction method and tool
    • Epitope mapping and conservancy and population coverage
    • Reverse vaccinology tools
    • Antigen-antibody structure prediction and interaction tools
  • Basic in Bio-computing
    • Introduction to Gene Expression data and techniques
    • Microarray Techniques its application in medicine and research
    • Microarray Informatics
    • Representation of Gene Expression data
    • Databases: GEO, ArrayExpress
    • Installation of R-studio
    • Installation of R packages
    • Microarray data retrieval
    • Microarray data processing
    • Data normalization
    • Geo2R tool
    • Differential expression gene
    • Survival plots
    • Introduction to Linux Operating System
    • Basic command in Linux
    • Standalone BLAST
  • QASR, Docking, Simulation and dynamics
    • Introduction to Drug Discovery Platform
    • In-silico Docking online and desktop based tools
    • SwissDock and AutoDock tool installation and predictions
    • Ligand based and structure based docking strategies
    • Virtual Screening method
    • Docking result analysis
    • QASR Studies
    • Molecular properties, molecular modification and characterization
    • Dynamics and Simulation
    • Basic understanding of simulation in bimolecular and evaluations
    • Online based approach to study simulation and dynamics
  • Theory examination of 100 marks will be held at the end of certificate course.
  • Minimum 50% is required to clear the exam.
  • The duration of examination will be 03 hours.

Khalida Naveed

Assistant Professor– BIIT
M.Phil (Chemistry)

Mahvish Saleem

Lecturer – BIIT
M.Phil (Molecular Medicine)
Address III-B-3/17, Nazimabad Karachi, Behind Baqai Hospital Nazimabad
Email Address
Phone Number 0332-2799327 0333-2344837