In order to keep pace with the fastest growing field of Information Technology in the country, Baqai Medical University started Baqai Institute of information technology with BS-Software Engineering degree program in 2002. Soon University anticipated that the growing research of biological data demands the need of trained scientist that can utilize and develop latest software tools for biological research. This leads to the inception of BS-Bioinformatics degree program first time in Sindh in 2008.
Both of these programs are conducted at Baqai Medical University City Campus Nazimabad, which is located at the heart of the city easily reachable from all over the places. The Citi campus has a unique location away from the hustle and bustle of main roads, having a peaceful educational environment.


BS-Software Engineering


Bioinformatics is the application of information technology to the study of living things, usually at the molecular level. Bioinformatics involves the use of computers to collect, organize and use biological information to answer questions in fields like evolutionary biology.
As an interdisciplinary field of science, bioinformatics combines Computer Science, Biology, Mathematics, and Engineering to analyze and interpret biological data.
Research in bioinformatics includes development software tools, Databases and Algorithems for storage, retrieval, and analysis of the Biological data.

Scope and Career opportunities

Bioinformatics involve the development and application of software tools to make biological discoveries. Once trained in the field, Bioinformatics graduates have excellent background for employment in industry, government, and academics.

There are different types of career opportunities available like
Research Scientist / Associate
Scientific Curator,
Gene Analyst,
Protein Analyst,
Database programmer,
Bioinformatics software developer,
Computational biologist,
Network Administrator,
Structural analyst,
Molecular Modeler,
Cheminformatics etc.

Students are especially encouraged to seek some form of graduate study beyond the B.S., in order to focus their broad skills base into a specific area of expertise that prepares them for research careers in one of these domains.

Pioneer In Sindh:
Baqai Institute of information technology is the pioneer of BS Bioinformatics in Sindh province. Five batches have been graduated and our students are working in various organizations.

H.S.C. (Pre-Engineering / Pre-Medical) or Equivalent minimum 50%
Duration 4 Years
Semesters 8
Credit Hours 136 - 139

Study Plan:
Semester I Semester II
Calculus and Analytical Geometry Discrete Structures
English Comprehension & Composition Pakistan & Islamic Studies
Chemistry Communication skill
Introduction to Computing Biochemistry-I
Computer Programming Object Oriented Paradigm
Cell Biology Differential Equations
Semester III Semester IV
Data Structures & Algorithms Biostatistics
Introduction to software engineering Operating System
Biochemistry-II Bioinformatics-I
Digital Logic & Design Molecular Biology
Multivariable Calculus Technical Report Writing
Semester V Semester VI
Database Systems Genomics
Bioinformatics II Computer Communication and Network
Bioinformatics Computing I Bioinformatics Computing II
Essential of Genetics Elective - II
Elective-I Elective - III
Semester VII Semester VIII
Computer Graphics Advance Technique in Biotechnology
Artificial Intelligence Special topics in Bioinformatics
Proteomics Elective – V
Elective IV Elective - VI
Project Project

BS-Software Engineering

The objective of the program is to integrate Computer Science with the Engineering principles developed for tangible and physical phenomena and apply the knowledge in the development of robust software application. Our program is designed to produce train manpower who are able to applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the software that make computers or other devices containing software work.

H.S.C. (Pre-Engineering ) or Equivalent with Mathematics minimum 45%
Duration 4 Years
Semesters 8
Credit Hours 139

Study Plan:

Semester I Semester II
Calculus and Analytical Geometry Discrete Structures
English Comprehension & Composition Pakistan & Islamic Studies
Physics Differential Equations
Introduction to Computing Communication Skills
Computer Programming Object Oriented Paradigm
Semester III Semester IV
Multivariable Calculus Operating Systems
Linear Algebra and Applications Computer Architecture
Digital Logic Design Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Software Engineering Software Construction
Data Structure & Algorithms Accounting and Finance
Technical Report Writing  
Semester V Semester VI
Software Requirement Engineering Computer Communication and Network
Formal methods in Software Engineering Software Quality Assurance
Database Systems Software Design Architecture
Elective-I Elective-III
Elective-II Elective-IV
Semester VII Semester VIII
Software Engineering Project I Software Engineering Project II
Software Project Management Human Computer Interaction
Numerical & Symbolic Computing Professional Practices in IT
Elective-V Elective-VII
Elective-VI Elective-VIII


Admission in BS-Software Engineering & BS-Bioinformatics programs is based on merit and potential for leadership. Students are evaluated on their performance in Intermediate examination and an Interview along with one of the parents.

To start the process students are required to acquire Admission form either from City campus or Main Campus and submit duly filled form before 16th December 2017.

Forms are also available for download. Students may fill the download form and submit at either campus after paying require fee.



Associate Professor & Director
M.Sc(Applied Physics, KU ), MCIT-NED, MCSE

Assistant Professor
M.Sc (Applied Mathematics), M.Phil, Ph.D (Mathematics)

Assistant Professor
MS (Information Technology) HU, PHD Candidate UTHM (Malaysia)

Assistant Professor
MCS (Computer Science) KU, BE(Electrical Engineering) NED

Assistant Professor
M.Phil(Biochemistry) KU, Ph.D Candidate KU

Assistant Professor
MS (Software Engineering) HU, Ph.D Candidate HU

M.Sc(Microbiology), M.Phil in Progress.