A Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics (BS-Bioinformatics) is a four-year undergraduate degree program that combines the fields of Biology and Computer Science to study and analyze biological data. Bioinformatics is a rapidly growing field with a wide range of applications, including drug discovery, disease diagnosis, and environmental research.

BS-Bioinformatics programs typically cover a wide range of topics, including Biological Principles, Computer science, Mathematics & Statistics, Data analysis, Programming, Software development and Bioinformatics Tools & Techniques.

BS-Bioinformatics graduates are prepared for a variety of careers, like Bioinformatics research, Data science, Software development, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical industry and Healthcare

BS-Bioinformatics programs are offered by a variety of universities and colleges around the world.

BS-Bioinformatics programs can be a great way to prepare for a career in the life sciences.

The field of bioinformatics is growing rapidly, and there is a high demand for qualified professionals. If you are interested in a career that combines biology and computer science, a BS-Bioinformatics program is the right choice for you.

BS – Bioinformatics Mission Statement

To enhance the competency of our graduates to integrate theory & practice across biological & computing disciplines that is required to design & implement innovative methods to solve biological problems with an emphasis on acquisition, representation, retrieval, visualization and analysis of biological data.

BS-Bioinformatics Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: To prepare students for professional success with clear communication ability, commitment to ethical and social responsibilities, diversity, lifelong learning, and teamwork.
PEO 2: To enable students to integrate and analyze data from different genomic and proteomic research work.
PEO 3: To equip the students with computational techniques so that they can develop diversified bioinformatics algorithms and tools for processing and analyzing data.

BS-Bioinformatics Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

PLO 1: Graduate should demonstrate integration of knowledge based on data analysis of different genomic and proteomic research work.
PLO 2: Utilize focused computational techniques to improve diversified bioinformatics algorithms and tools for processing and analyzing data.
PLO 3: Exhibit professionalism to develop their careers for innovative support of medical and life sciences fields.

Mapping of PLOs to PEOs

  Program Learning Outcomes (PLO’s)
1 2
PEO 1 X   X
PEO 2 X    
PEO 3   X  


  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) (Pre-Engineering/Pre-Medical) with at least 50% marks
    OR A-Level/Equivalent qualification (IBCC Certified)
    OR at least 50% marks in Diploma of Associate Engineering Examination
  • Program Duration: 4 – Years
  • Total Semesters: 8
  • Total Credit Hours: 134

Fee Structure

S. No.


AMOUNT (in Rupees)


University Enrollment Fee

One Time



Semester Registration Fee (4,000 per semester)

Each Year



Tuition Fee  (3,600 per credit hour)

Each Year



Security Deposit

One Time



Terminal Examination Fee 

Each Year



Lab & Library Charges

Each Year


TOTAL Rs. (For First Year)


First Semester = Rs. 77,300/ -  

((University Enrollment Fee (5000) + Semester Registration (4,000) + Tuition fee (60,300) + Terminal Examination Fee (3,000) + Security deposit (4,000) + Lab & Library charges (1,000))


Second Semester = Rs. 67,300/-  

((Semester Registration (4,000) + (Tuition fee (60,300) + Terminal Examination Fee (3,000))


NOTE: Fee should be paid through a bank draft or pay order in favor of 
“Baqai Institute of Information Technology” drawn on a bank in Karachi and a proper receipt must be obtained from the department, which must be shown to the management when required.

*Tuition fee may revise as per inflation rate each year

* Total Credit hours in BS-Bioinformatics = 134