Protein-protein interaction maps provide a valuable framework for a better understanding of the functional organization of the proteome. Understanding how proteins interact with each other is essential for contemporary biosciences research. Computational analysis of PPI networks is increasingly becoming a mandatory tool to understand the functions of unexplored proteins. At present, protein-protein interaction (PPI) is one of the key topics for the development and progress of modern system’s biology. Many tools exist to analyze and disseminate these data but most bench scientists are not trained to use them.
This online workshop aims to equip researchers with the computational skills crucial for carrying out in-depth analyses of PPI by exploring, managing, and interconnecting their datasets. Trainees will learn about the current developments in PPI. Practical sessions will focus on bioinformatics tools such as STRING, STITCH and Cytoscape.

  • Know the importance of molecular interaction information and be able to provide examples of different types of molecular interaction.
  • List the main experimental methodologies used to study protein-protein interactions
  • Participants will gain skills to analyze, manage, interconnect small and large PPI data, and design effective bio-computational experiments.
  • Ideal candidates for this certificate can be students, faculty members and researchers from academia and Industry related to life sciences programs like Biotechnology / Botany / Zoology / Microbiology / Chemistry/ Biochemistry / Genetics/ Pharmacy/ physiology / M.B.B.S / B.D.S. are encouraged to enroll in the online workshop.
Topics Covered Date & Time Charges
Online workshops on Protein-protein Interaction

Analyze protein of interest through STRING

Analyze chemical compound of interest through STITCH

Use DISEASES to find proteins associated with a disease of interest

Visualize the data by Cytoscape layout and visually style the resulting networks

On Monday 26th September at 2pm Sharp Duration: 2 hours 500 PKR
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Furrukh Zaman (Associate Professor & Director BIIT)
Khalida Naveed (Assistant Professor)
Mahwish Saleem (Lecturer)
Address III-B-3/17, Nazimabad Karachi, Behind Baqai Hospital Nazimabad
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Phone Number 0332-2799327

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