This three-day Certificate course will provide an introduction to the field of bioinformatics, with a focus on the collaborative nature of the discipline. Participants will learn about the diverse disciplines like Biology, Medicine Computer Sciences, Social Sciences and Statistics that contribute to bioinformatics, and how they work together to analyze and interpret biological data. The course will also cover the benefits of collaboration in bioinformatics, and how it can lead to innovative research projects.

The participant of the training will be able to :
  • Become conversant with the various file formats used in NGS data analysis, such as FASTQ, BAM, and VCF, and understand their structure and content.
  • Learn how to preprocess raw sequencing data, including quality control, adapter trimming, and filtering, to obtain high-quality data for downstream analysis.
  • Learn the principles of variant calling, including SNP and indel detection, and gain hands-on experience in annotating and interpreting identified variants.
  • Learn how to effectively visualize NGS data, including read alignments etc
  • Ideal candidates for this certificate can be students, faculty members and researchers from academia and Industry related to life sciences programs like Biotechnology / Botany / Zoology / Microbiology / Chemistry/ Biochemistry / Genetics/ Pharmacy/ physiology / M.B.B.S / B.D.S. are encouraged to enroll in the course.

Course content

  • Overview of NGS data type and format
  • Data retrieval
  • Read quality check
  • Reference based & de-novo assembly
  • Visualization of mapped reads
  • Ensembl and VEP analysis


Participant competency will be assessed on MCQs based exam. 50% score is required to pass the exam. Passing the exam is mandatory for the training Certificate.


6 hours, interactive sessions on Zoom. Each session is comprised of 2 hours conducted on three consecutive days.

Day / time

Monday to Wednesday / 11th - 13th September 2023


PKR 5000 per participant.

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Payment Methods

Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash on 0332-2799327

Furrukh Zaman (Associate Professor & Director BIIT)
Khalida Naveed (Assistant Professor)
Mahwish Saleem (Lecturer)
Address III-B-3/17, Nazimabad Karachi, Behind Baqai Hospital Nazimabad
Email Address
Phone Number 0332-2799327

In coming months following online workshops will be conducted:

  • Basics in bioinformatics
  • Drug discovery,
  • Microarray data analysis,
  • Vaccine designing,
  • Protein structure prediction validation
  • Protein characterization using in-silico methods
  • Linux for biologist
  • Protein visualization software
  • Protein-protein interaction